The Business Associates

Mediwell Laboratories Pharmaceutical Group is engaged in the marketing of huge range of product basket, across the country. The corporate is also engaged in the export business to Middle-East & African countries. We perceive anybody associated with us as a partner in our growth and progress and we aim to provide profitability to all our business associates & stakeholders.

Following shall be the key advantage of being associates/ Franchisee of MEDIWELL LABORATORIES Group’s selected divisions: (Mediwell Laboratories Biotech/Soigner Pharme/Corazon/Derma Concepst).

  • The Pharmaceutical house is ISO 9001:20018 Certified and the products are being manufactured in GMP Certified units.
  • Currently, the Pharma group has more than 1000 products in its portfolio belonging to 9 Divisions and are in continuous process of adding more as per the market needs and demands.
  • All products are excise duty free.
  • We provide all required promo material like Products Samples, Visual Aids, LBLs, Reminder cards, Visiting cards, Order books, MRs’ and Manager’ bags, Prescription pads, Corporate gifts for better penetration and establishment in market.
  • We also provide product scientific manuals, latest information or updates on the products to keep our associates well informed.
  • Advertisement support in Leading Medical Journals, Medical indexes like IDR, CIMS, Drug Today, Drug Index, Drug Update, Medicine Update, ADR etc. is in routine.
  • Annual Target Incentives are provided.
  • Monthly Promotional Schemes on regular basis.
  • Timely Order Execution (in 24 Hours) is our core strength.
  • Monthly gifting for Core Doctors (Can be seen on “News & Events” Column on the website)
  • We understand the pulse of the market & introduce new molecules on frequent & regular basis which help our associates to grow faster and deeper in market.

The business environment for Pharma companies has changed dramatically in the past few years. Aggressive & extensive use of partnerships, associations & franchisee resulting into a far-reaching business transformation is the way most pharma companies organize to complete and succeed. Mediwell Laboratories welcomes to help make things happen in the healthcare sector. We wish to get associated with those individuals or groups who have an infinite capacity for not knowing what can’t be done. Let’s join hands towards a better and healthier tomorrow. We at Mediwell Laboratories are thankful to all our business associates and extend our warmth welcome to those who wish to get associated with us.